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As much as I was hesitant to post from my business blog about our pregnancy, I am double nervous about this one! Perhaps it’s because the arrival of our daughter is now less than two months away, or because I am (not-so) secretly afraid of letting my first “baby” sit quiet for a little while and enjoy those precious first days. One of the scariest things about owning your own business, and being a solo-prenuer is that when you aren’t working, you aren’t making money. I’ve felt all along that owning my own business shouldn’t be “punishment” during the birth of my child, and that I should get a regular leave just like any other “normal” employee might. I’ve been saving since September, but there’s always anxiety when money is involved. The second part is that my business is so different time-wise than most, that I am afraid to “scare away” potential brides whose timeline would work by having up an auto-reply for anywhere between 2-8 weeks! I’m trusting God to give us the amount of work we need in the coming months to not be overwhelmed, but to keep things moving along.

As a super-planner (I schedule lunch and showering in my daily activities or it might not happen…) it’s hard to plan for this! We know there’s a possibility that at anytime Miss Gemma could decide to make her appearance. We definitely hope she cooks a little longer for her own sake, but also too because we’ve got deliveries to make up until May 12th!

We’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about our plan for maternity leave, and our future plan in the coming months. Our “plan” can always be changed, and I’m trying to remain chill enough to know that my plan isn’t the plan.  Here’s a few Q&A’s that will hopefully answer any questions you might have about placing orders, current clients, and future clients.


Are you taking maternity leave? If so, how long?
Yes! We are excited to take time off to learn how to be a parent first, and then slowly bring in the business as we feel capable. Our leave is scheduled to begin Mother’s Day Weekend (so fitting, right?!). With so many friends heading into labor early, we have chosen to start our leave two weeks prior to our due date, just in case.

My husband, Rudy, will be in charge of his first ever “furthering education school” for his company during the month of June! We are so excited for him, but it will be a lot of work! He will be in-town for sure, but will be super busy with events during the days, evenings, and even is scheduled to be gone to Chattanooga for Father’s Day! Him not being around as much made me even more cautious with the workloads I committed to during May, June & July.


I am current client, are you going to be able to work on my stuff?
If you’re concerned, please email me at However, we’ve worked hard to schedule everything to be delivered before May 12 for all June and July weddings. If I don’t have your day-of wording yet, then expect an email from me soon regarding it. For any current client needing day-of items that come-up last minute during our leave period, we will be happy to refer you to a local friend who will do great work for you!


What if your baby arrives early?
We will put up an auto-reply as quickly as possible, so that you know we aren’t just ignoring you, and will do everything in our power to make sure your project is complete. Even though I’m the sole designer, we have an army of folks that will scoop up projects and help us get them to completion. 


Are you going to keep working after your baby arrives?
Yes! We already have brides scheduled for deliveries beginning at the first of September! We would love to chat with you about your 2018 paper needs, and will be checking and replying to contact forms before anything else! Head here to get started.

We will be making our first appearances in July at the Hampton Cove Faux Wedding on July 9th, and then on July 30th at the Modern Brides Fall Bridal Show.

We plan to be back full-force by the first of August, taking orders for November 2017 weddings and beyond.


When is the latest I could place an order?
For our bridal clients, we are only able to talk about suites from November 2017 and after at this point. It is sadly too late to place an order for anything before that, and have it delivered by mid-May. Anything that could be delivered starting at the beginning of August or later, we would still love to hear from you! For quick turnaround orders (birthdays, stamps, koozies, etc.) the last day to place an order would be April 21st. This will ensure we have time to work on your project, make edits, print and deliver before going on leave. However, the sooner the better!


What are you going to do during your leave?
Okay, no one really has asked this yet, but I’ll tell you anyways! Obviously, first, I’m going to probably stare at my baby 24/7 and feed her and change her, and that’s about it. During this time, I will not be emailing or working at all. Everyone says babies sleep all. the. time. and that I’ll probably have time to manage emails after the first two weeks. Once I’m ready for that, I plan on addressing contact forms, and checking in with current clients’, keeping them on track for deadlines in July and August.

We plan on attempting our first road trip to Chattanooga for Father’s Day!

I have a list of things I am going to do if I get “bored” like some of my friends have said happened to them! Even though it’s pretty hard for me to get bored, here are a few:
• Work on learning Spanish. I reeeeally want to help Gemma speak Spanish. (Rudy and his family are fluent) Or, I just don’t want to be the only one that doesn’t understand what’s going on… either way, it’s on the list!

• Move all my DVDs to Plex. I have a giant tub that’s been staring at me for months. What a perfect thing to take up some bored time…

• Blog a lot! I’ve sadly let down my weekly blogs because February-May are my normal crazy months anyways, but even more so with a baby on the way! Also, I’ll be putting up even more content on our personal blog,

• Work on a side project that I’m super excited about, and hope to release by September!
Thank you all for your continued support of this business we love so much, our first baby, and especially to my brides who have been so flexible and willing to work ahead of schedule to beat Gemma’s due date. You’re the reason we love what we do, and will continue to do what we do even after she’s here. <3

Also, a huge thank you to our friend Erin from Erin Lindsey Images for capturing these photos of our baby celebration invitation!




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