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Happy Birthday to us! You’re not going to see me stuffing my face with four cupcakes this year (sorry, SmallCakes!) or popping champagne because #Whole30 got me celebrating with some extra Lime Seltzer Water and maybe an extra handful almonds—watch out now! Don’t you worry, cupcakes, I’m coming for you in February. It’s been four amazing years since we started this journey! How does that even happen? It’s been the fastest four years of my life, because we are always working on things for months and months ahead, and because I am truly excited to do my job every day. Of course, some days hold some pretty tough lessons as a small business owner, but creating and working with amazing clients keeps me going on the hardest days.

I’ve set a few goals for myself this year, including making a font, creating art to sell on the marketplaces, and one of our goals has already been achieved and it’s not even February yet! We’ve also got some really fun events and announcements… and what a better place to do it then a upcoming year blog?! All three of our announcements are somewhat intertwined, so first things first!


We launched a new company! Alongside our designer friend, Katie, at Linen & Leaf, last Friday, we launched a semi-custom stationery website. It’s called Huntsville Paper Co., and I could not be more excited about this new venture. While we are currently only selling wedding suites, we will be adding other designs like showers, birthdays, personal stationery, babies, wax seals, and on and on and on. The idea stemmed from a need to make things more streamlined for people who don’t necessarily want to pay for, or need, a custom design, but still want to feel good about supporting local artists, and want to work with a real human. When I was explaining it to people early on, I called it the Huntsville version of Minted. I would be so honored if you shared followed our instagram, because baby businesses are scary! Help us get the word out about this competitively-priced, high-quality, streamlined business! Also, this isn’t an exclusive club—if you’re a designer, and you would like to apply to host designs to sell at Huntsville Paper Co. head to the application here!



The next thing is that we are excited to announce we are now meeting at Art & Soul! It’s closer to my home, and hopefully closer to yours! Not only are we excited to be partnered with Kim, the owner, we also have the plan to have our Huntsville Paper Co. designs there, and maybe other non-custom designs! I feel like the sky is the limit! I want to personally invite you to an Open House, a cozy little wedding event that I am co-hosting at Art & Soul! Invite a bride, and come have some drinks with a group of amazing vendors!



We started off the year at the Modern Brides Celebration Event a week ago, and boy was it fun! It’s always fun to kick off the year meeting new brides and seeing all the friendors after a super busy fall and holiday season! We will be a part of the July show, which is maybe even better than the January show in my opinion. It’s not quite as crazy busy, and allows for more one-on-one time!

We will be back at it again in two weeks on January 27th at Lowe Mill at the HiFi Wedding Fest! Come see us—it’s free! And, it has such an intimate feel with just 27 total vendors.

One other up and coming event we will be at is the Faux Wedding at Hampton Cove Plantation on March 4! Y’all—all. the. events!


From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you enough for your continued support of Salt + Paperie. Thank you for supporting us through a maternity leave in 2017. Thank you for your repeat business for your babies’ birthdays after your wedding is long past. Thank you for instagram follows, likes and comments. Every single referral from a previous client makes me work that much harder. It’s you—clients, referrers, supporters of local artists—that keep us excited about the future.

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