I Need My Space | 30 Before 30

It didn’t take long to get half of one thing checked off my 30 Before 30 list. On September 26, Rudy and I participated in the Museum Day Live! Free Space and Rocket Center Visit day. Luckily, we got there soon after they opened because the wait was over an hour when we left just to get in!

The Space and Rocket Center is the number one paid museum in the country. I didn’t attend Space Camp as a child (as a matter of fact, I think I was too scared because of some of the crazy rides they want to ride on), and to my knowledge I had not visited the Space and Rocket Center… ever! It’s quite a shame it’s taken so long, but that’s why it made my list!

It was a super drizzly and dreary Saturday, so visiting the Space and Rocket Center was the perfect morning activity. Because we were two adults in a place with a lot of children, we didn’t try too many of the activities in the Science Exhibit, but we had a great time in the Davidson Center.

Here’s a little recap of our visit via iPhone photos. You can see what else is on my 30 Before 30 list here!

2015-10-05_0003 2015-10-05_0004

As it turns out, the S&RC also has military and missile defense exhibits, which makes total sense for Huntsville, “the rocket city”. We took these photos for Rudy’s dad who was, and is on a missile mission on Wake Island right now! Miss you, Papa Señor!


We tried to land the Space Shuttle, and totally failed. Sorry, mom.


I took these photos for my mom, because this is her jam! I’m pretttttyyy sure it’s a little more complicated than this exhibit though. Add in vibrations, and nodes, and I don’t know what I’m saying… but she’s a rocket scientist in my mind!

2015-10-05_0005 2015-10-05_0006

The HUGE Space Shuttle exhibit. The tanks are all real, but the Shuttle is a replica!

2015-10-05_0007 2015-10-05_0008

And, I did stand in line with children for this last photo… I just had to! What a fun time at the Space and Rocket Center! Glad we got this one checked off first!


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