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A couple of weekends ago, I took a trip over to Macon to attend a hand lettering workshop from the wonderful Cherie of Waiting on Wildflowers! It is always so encouraging to meet other creatives, and inspiring see other small towns and how they are creatively flourishing. Most days, I feel like Huntsville is seriously lacking on its “creative” side of things. I know we are the “Rocket City” and all, but even engineers have a need to let loose and get in touch with their creative side every now and then!

Let’s take a small moment to reflect on some of my business goals for 2015. Number 4, continue to grow my network of professionals, check.  Cherie and Elena of Laurel Avenue Events were so so sweet, and even includes some products from our shop in their shoot! They inspired me to pursue something I have been pushing back for a while now.


Number 5, still has a bigger meaning than this one class, but here’s my first attempt at encouraging you to pursue your own goals and dreams, and to get in touch with your inner creative!

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Our first handlettering class!
Saturday, March 28, 2015 • 9a-2p
at Belle Faire in Huntsville, Alabama

 Before I tell you more about what this class is, I want to tell you what this class isn’t.

This class isn’t…

• a calligraphy class. I used to be really uncomfortable when people asked me if I “did calligraphy”. The answer is no. I finally know what to call it though! It’s handlettering. It’s different from calligraphy, and I’m going to embrace what I know and what I can do.

• a chalkboard lettering class. Some of the skills can be applied to chalk lettering, but we will work on paper, with real pencils and pens. We might, however, offer a chalk class later on!

• an area for judgement. I am here to help you learn, and to teach you some basics for you to take home and practice. It may or may not come quickly for you, but whatever skills you bring with you, I guarantee, it will be enough! We all have to start somewhere!

Okay, now, what this class will be!

This class will be…

• complete with lunch, supplies and coaching! You’ll get some of my favorite pens and a little take home bag! You literally don’t need to bring anything!

• really fun, and probably filled with laughter + champagne. And honestly, it will probably be mostly women, but that doesn’t mean boys aren’t allowed!

• the quickest 5 hours of your life! The first half of the day will be mostly educational, and practicing our new skill. Then, a break with a  delicious lunch from The Marketplace Cafe. The last half of the day we will work on creating something that you will want to frame!

• all about sharing what I know. I will bring all my “knowledge”, and share it all with you! I have nothing to hide, so I will answer any and all questions to the best of my ability. We will focus mostly on fun & funky cursive like you normally see from me, but if you have something you want to know about… bring it!

only available to 29 participants with ONE spot being given away.  So here’s my challenge for you guys! Today is officially #handwritingwednesday and here’s what you have to do if you want to enter to win the one spot:

1. Follow Us on Instagram at  @saltandpaperie if you’re not already.

2. Write something! Anything! Then take a picture of it and post it to Instagram, tag us, and use the hashtag #handwrittingwednesday.

(Disclaimer: your profile has to be visible/public for us to be able to see it.)
(Double disclaimer: The winner will not be chosen by how “good” their handwriting is or isn’t!)

The winner will be chosen Friday morning! 

If  you don’t want to take the risk of it selling out, then you can go ahead and purchase the class, and if you win, we will refund you the cost of the class!

And without further delay… (Oh-em-gee!)

[Update 2.18.15: The Saturday class is SOLD OUT! Crazy!]

[Update 2.19.15: We opened up a 2nd class for Sunday March 29! You can sign up for Handlettering 102 here!]


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