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Do you ever make a plan, and then…. POOF! That happened to me yesterday (and a bit today), but the more I am my own boss the more I am trying to just roll with the changes the day brings. As much as a daily routine helps me feel sane, sometimes, it just can’t happen and that is okay! Still, I wanted to take a minute to blog about one of the most exciting things to happen to our business yet, and to celebrate my friend Casey’s wedding week! Maybe you already heard about it on the news, or more likely from ESPN!

I was first just so excited to work with Casey because she’s awesome and easy-going. She always cracks jokes, and doesn’t take anything too seriously! She had beautiful vision, but gave me full creative freedom! My kinda girl! Also, Casey took some fun chances! She sent out several invitations to some A-listers and I love that! What an amazing wedding memory if they respond?! If not, what did you lose?!

nick saban RSVP

Secondly, we worked super hard on these invitations, and it’s always such proud moment to send them out. They are definitely one of my all-time favorites!

(hello handsome worker husband!)

nick saban RSVP

nick saban RSVP

(iPhone photo from @erinlindseyimages)

Next, the RSVP from Nick Saban came! It was awesome enough because I am an Alabama Alum and a hard core Alabama football fan, but he actually responded!? And on time?! I feel like a did my degree and my school proud! This photo was sent to me by Casey when they got the RSVP! It obviously wasn’t Nick Saban’s handwriting, but we still were totally stoked!

Nick Saban RSVP

Then the crazy part started! Casey received a signed photo by Mr. & Mrs. Saban!

Nick saban RSVP

We had one whole day of total distractions filled with the wildfire of Casey’s RSVP story! It was first featured on YellowhammerNews.com and after that it kept growing, and growing! Until finally, we were featured on the SEC Network!



You can watch the insta-vid of our SEC network appearance here!

Now when you Google “Nick Saban RSVP”… guess what?! There it is all over the place!

Nick Saban RSVP

Happy Wedding week Brandon & Casey! I can’t wait to be there to shoot your photos, eat your food & party with you!

Oh, and Roll Tide!

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