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2015 resolutions, resolutions, resolution checklist

The New Year is one of my absolute favorites! So much hope and excitement for all the things to come, and not to mention, this December was rough on a girl! We learned business lessons, life lessons, all kinds of lessons. And even as I set up to write this blog around 8am this morning, more trials were upon me! The new year doesn’t bring us a clean slate, but it can bring us new perspective on a very full slate. In a mix of setting a new schedule, new goals and expectations, we must also remember to be flexible. There are things in life we cannot change, and the best gift you can give yourself is grace.

With that being said, y’all know that I’ve had some pretty intense resolutions in the past(no soda in 2011, running a 5k every month in 2012), and my 2013 resolution (no meat) was was enough to drive me to not have one in 2014 because I keep them. It’s about the only self-control I really have. Also, if you’re struggling or have struggled in the past to keep resolutions or you make wimpy ones like “be a better person”, etc. here are my two pieces of advice:
1. Make one resolution with concrete goals. One 5K a month is very specific. Then, do it. Register for those races beforehand, and pay money for them… and when you hate yourself on Saturday morning, you won’t want to waste $20 every month! Or, keep track of it! If you’re trying to “call my mom more” then write it down, and make it happen once or twice a week, no excuses!
2. Do something that you know you can do. I didn’t realize that it would be so hard on other people when I stopped eating meat for a year, but I knew that I could do it. If someone would have asked me to give up Mexican food for a year… that would never happen. I would never even attempt it because it’s setting myself up for failure.

2014 was amazing for us, but 2015 has even more possibilities, and that is exciting!

I’ve set 5 business goals and 5 personal goals. Honestly, even after I wrote them down I thought of more, but five seems reasonable! Also, I have a checklist to keep me accountable. You better believe I’m going to be putting a tally by that blogging one after this is posted! Each of these handwritten guys is also able to be printed out if you wanted the “This is My Year” print or a checklist (at the end) for your own resolutions!


2015 resolutions, resolutions, resolution checklist

1. I loved blogging in the past! Although I can’t get to it online anymore, I found my Jack & Gil blog archives the other day and saw this,” ‘Top 5 Reasons Why I Started A Blog… 1. Because Jack & Gil Designs might be a thing one day!'” Yea, that’s pretty cool to write in 2011, and here we are in 2015 and it’s really a thing! Having blogs to look back at to remember and gain perspective about how far we’ve come is awesome.

2. Don’t get me wrong, my whole job is fun! Designing for clients is fun! But, there’s something about just sitting down to a blank canvas with nothing but your own brain that makes a designer tick. All work and no play makes Jack a dull, dull designer. I’m taking time each week to design/paint/calligraphy for me, the business or the shop!

3. Piggy-backing on top of that… our shop is still a new little baby shop and it needs nurturing. Dedicating time to designing specifically for the shop will help it grow! I’m all ears for if there’s anything that you’d like to see us bring to the table! We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves already, but we have a long way to go! Luckily, I got a jump start with these two new items yesterday!

4. Read as: make more friends! 2014 was filled to the brim with blessings of people. Networking and learning about other industries, and more about my own is super important to me this year. I already have to schedule coffee with three people I’m dying to chat with, road trip to collaborate with another… and, I’ve already met new friends at the one Bridal Show I’ve done… it’s going to be magical!

5. This one is SO VAGUE about what it really means, but it’s for a much larger project that I’m just not ready to share quite yet! There are some key words in it that eventually will mean something, and hopefully something big!




2015 resolutions, resolutions, resolution checklist

1. Here’s what happens with me… I want to be healthy. I know the gym is healthy. I go to the gym. I gain weight (muscle). I freak out. I stop going to the gym. I lose weight, but look/feel gross. Repeat. So, in lieu of spinning in circles, I’ve declared myself a no-scale zone. I know what I need to do and eat, and I’m just going to do it and not worry about the numbers. **disclaimer: I realize sometimes they have to weigh you at the doctor’s offices. Well, that doesn’t count. I can’t help that.**

2. 15 books might not seem like a lot to you avid readers, but for a girl who spends 80% of her day working and the other 20% on her phone, this is a big deal. I thought one a month would be too easy, but I also know I read more in the summer when I’m on the pier or beach! I am currently reading “The Happiness of Pursuit” and on-deck “The Total Money Makeover” and “Yes, Please”….I think mixed in there will be a few classics that I never read in High School like “The Catcher and the Rye” or something. Let me know your favorites and I might add them to my list!

3. I think this is silently (or not so silently) on a lot of people’s list! We are such a “yes” culture, it’s ridiculous. I feel like in 2014 I said “yes” too many times and felt resentful for it. It’s not that person’s fault that I am resentful towards them because I said yes, when I should have said no. Rudy and I are the most “yes” people you’ve ever met, to each other, to others. This year if we say no, it’s not because we hate you, it’s because we are trying to not stretch ourselves quite so thin!

4. Um, yes. Travel. Go. Go. Go. Whether it’s to the lake or to another continent, this year I want to dedicate time (and money!) for travel! We have already been thinking about our anniversary trip! We were really excited about having an April wedding because “anniversary trips in the future will be cheaper!” Well, we haven’t gone on a trip for our anniversary yet, so this is the year! We aren’t stupid enough to think that we have that many more without children, and though we know it doesn’t halt your travels, it does make it a bit more challenging.

5. It’s a great and wonderful thing this new career of mine, because I am doing exactly what I love. Actually, it involves EVERYTHING I love. I love designing, I love scrapbooking (paper!) and I love photography. Well now those things are no longer hobbies, they are work. And when Rudy is talking about his hobbies of golf, fishing, boat fixing, etc. I feel a bit jealous because if I’m going to work on my “hobby” I end up actually working… thus making me a hobby-less workaholic. This. Is. Bad. So, a new hobby is on it’s way. I’ll tell you what my plan for a hobby is… paddle boarding. But, I left it open-ended because if I really suck at paddle boarding I will move on to find another hobby!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my resolutions and will help hold me accountable through 2015! Up next will be a 2014 picture recap + invitation recap after that! Gotta check off those blogs, right?


xo jacki-01



Download my personal and business checklists below!

Personal Checklist
Business Checklist

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