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Today marks our first official day back from maternity leave. But, let’s be honest… I’ve been dabbling, emailing, and actually took on a few small orders for current brides in the past few weeks. I knew the time would go quickly, but no one can tell you just how fast it actually does go by. My baby girl is 8 weeks old today! I can’t imagine actually having to leave her this morning to go to an office job. I am so thankful that when I am working she is no farther than 50 feet from me. (seriously, our house is tiny!)

However, having her only 50 feet away can be a bit distracting. No one can prepare you for the amount of time, energy, and focus a baby takes. Everything just takes longer—it just does! Perhaps one day we will have a schedule, but not yet! That makes it extremely hard on a super planner like me. The two things I’ve learned from the first 8 weeks of motherhood: how to slow down, and how to stop planning every second.

During pregnancy, I often pondered how work would look for me after she arrived. Would I have an intern/employee come in and help with emailing, proofs, and assembly, or would I have someone come and watch Gemma? It seemed contradictory to me to have started working from home so I could be with my kids, only to have someone come to watch them… but, then again, it seemed more challenging to train someone to do the things I can now do so efficiently. After all, taking care of babies has been done efficiently for years and years!

So, starting this week I have help with Gemma! And, luckily for me, and her… it’s all people who we already love to pieces. They will coming in the mornings (which is my most efficient work time, anyways) and entertaining her so I can fully focus on my work. A few things will be a little bit different though! I am big on setting realistic expectations, and what good would those expectations be if I didn’t share them?

Office Hours

While I am so excited about having baby help, and getting back to work (I truly love it!), there is a huge amount of guilt in starting back, too. When you have to put down a happy baby in order to answer emails, it’s a real heartbreaker! New office hours will be Monday through Thursday from 9am-3pm. We are saving Fridays for extra baby snuggles! They are only little for so long!


Emailing has always been my #1 communication preference, but now a proper paper trail is must. I know everyone has heard of pregnancy brain… but new mom brain is worse. I live and die by my flagged emails and contact forms. Text requests (I can barely remember text my husband back now!), Facebook or Instagram messages can be easily missed or forgotten. Oh, and requests on the fly in person… I definitely won’t remember! It’s not because I don’t want to talk about your project (I do!), but my brain is just so full now trying to keep a human alive that I won’t remember if you don’t email me about it.

Our previous email and contact form return time was no longer than 24 hours, and we plan to keep that standard, but just keep in mind if you catch us in the later part of the day, or on the weekend, it could be a little bit longer especially for detailed estimates.


We will only be able to hold meetings for local brides after 5pm during the week, and as available, Saturday mornings. I’d love to say that my babe was good enough to sit through a meeting without a peep, but, let’s get real. Our meetings will continue to be held at Belle Faire inside of the Interior Marketplace in Hampton Cove.

Phone Calls

Phone calls are a little iffy now, because you never know when a baby outburst is going to happen. (It actually happened to a poor guy who called about two weeks ago… how embarrassing!) That’s another reason email is preferred, but if we need to chat on the phone, I totally understand! Make sure to leave a detailed voicemail, and I’ll call back as soon as possible. If you don’t leave a voicemail, I just assume it was a telemarketer! (They are so tricky with local numbers now!) If you’re out of town, we can schedule a call during meeting hours, or during hours when we have some baby help.

Isn’t our new Boss Lady so cute!? I know it won’t be long before she is my faithful intern. We are so thankful for the time off enjoying our baby and attempting to build some sort of normalcy, but are so excited to be ramping back up for our busy Fall and Spring 2018 seasons! We are currently accepting orders for November weddings and after. Head to our contact form to get the ball rolling!

We will be at the upcoming Modern Brides Celebration Bridal Event on July 30th with fresh examples in our books! I hope to see you there. We are so excited to be back!


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