Design Consultation

Hi! I'm Jacki!

Thank you so much for your interest in working together.

Both of the files below are large, so it might take a few minutes for them to process and load. I strongly recommend viewing both on a large screen, whether it's a computer, or an iPad. 

Let's get started!

STEP ONE // Below you will find a Welcome Guide that I highly encourage you to read. It answers so many questions about the printing processes, wedding branding, timeline, wording and other items you might need for your big day. 

Download the Welcome Guide here.

STEP TWO // Watch the video of me flipping through all of my example books below. These are examples created for someone else, but in order for me to create something unique for you, we will flip through and talk about them together to see what you are liking and to find your style. Anything in here can be changed in color, size, etc.

Please watch the video and screen grab invitations that catch your eye. Take notes along the way about what you liked about them, and then send them to me in our email thread. That way you can take your time looking and watching the whole video (as many times as you want!) Please pay attention to fonts, colors, and layouts mostly. I often refer to the bride's name when I'm writing notes about a certain suite. i.e. "Love the font from Taylor Hinkle" etc. 

Download the Virtual Books here.

STEP THREE // Send me your notes and screenshots, and we will set up a phone or Zoom consultation time to chat about what you’ve found and your notes! We can talk about paper colors, type and see if there's any samples I can send your way!

Drop your email for updates!

We send out a few emails regarding sales, upcoming events, but never any spammy stuff.

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