Wax Seal

Salt + Paperie

Your wax seal design can accommodate 1 or 2 initials, or a coordinating crest if included in your semi-custom suite. Please see attached design list for a list of options, noting this list is not exhaustive.

Sealing wax is not included. We recommend purchasing "glue gun wax" to make quick work of sealing. All you need is a standard sized glue gun, preferably one with a low temperature setting. 

A note about mailing wax seals:
Be sure to take a sample stuffed and wax-sealed envelope to your local post office for an exact quote on postage required. You may also want to ask about having your invitations hand-cancelled to avoid running the seals through the mail sorting machines that may damage to the delicate seal. Some post offices are more willing to hand-cancel than others, so you may have to ask around. 

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